samedi 31 janvier 2009

Maike von Bremen, singer and actress

With her cute half-moon shaped eyes, this Berlin native sings like an angel! She knows how to portray characters who splash the screen. She is offered girl-next-door roles, accessible and tangible sympathetic women you'd meet everyday and everywhere. Writers have her live extreme experiences, swinging her (and the audience!) from hot drama to cool romantism. She seems momentarily perturbed then rapidly taking charge, always in control of herself. This wisegirl has some cute flaws which make her obviously more endearing. Maike shines in her role of Sandra in Germany's cult-soap Gute Zeiten Schelchte Zeiten (Good Times, Bad Times), August 2002 through June 2008.

Maike von Bremen [pronounce "My - kuh - fon - braymen"] speaks and writes English very well. Her birthdate is March 4, 1981, merely a year older than Waska! LOL, and has brown eyes, brown hair and stands 1.6 meters tall.

You can listen to Maike's songs on her MySpace page as well as her video "More than This" and her album "Closer". It climbed up the Germand Top 100 charts and I'm still listening to her songs on my music pod. Her personal site is quite sober, almost naked... So... I'm having a feast on YouTube, watching all of her appearances before the camera.

I'm just anxious to see her come to Québec City!

- Jean-François Néron

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